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New Boating Laws to Protect You!

Governor Strickland has recently signed a bill passing four laws which will affect local boating.

First, when approaching a safety patrol that has their blue flashing lights on, you must not create a wake within 100 feet. The same goes for an officer towing a stranded boat. Remember, the officer’s boat is near another boat, and the wake could not only cause the boats to collide, but also many times the boaters/officers are standing near the edge of the boat. The law is 100 feet, but let’s give them a break and really give them a wide and safe passage. Just like you would if you passed an officer on the highway.

Second, a new law allows an officer to site an operator for “failure to control”. This is for those instances where the “rules of the road” fail to recognize reckless or “stupid” behavior. Examples are jet skis crossing a wake too close to a boat, a fast boat passing too close to another boat in overtaking, or entering into a congested area too fast. This is an officer’s call, but will be used to control dangerous operators.

Third, you now may tow an inflatable SLOWLY in non-ski zones, but not near fuel docks, pump outs, or near docking areas. The law is intended for those who desire to tow inflatable’s where the passengers may not be able to control high speeds of a ski zone.

And last, your youngster under the age of 10, aboard a boat 18 feet or less, to wear the new “life saving swimsuit” approved by the USCG. This will take the place of the type IV vest and will be more comfortable for the youngsters.